The best thing Foxtel has going for it for sports fan is disappearing. As of February 21 the Fox Sports Ultra HD channel (#508) will be removed – but fear not, its because there’s likely to be even more 4K content this year.

Why is the Fox Sports 4K Channel gone?

It’s quite simple according to Foxtel – they say “We’re increasing the amount of sport broadcast via Ultra HD in 2022 and beyond. This means there will be times where multiple events need to be broadcast via Ultra HD at the same time. 

With one 4K sports channel, they need to choose which sports get that 4K priority – but the plan is to make more content available “To cater for this, the single Fox Sports Ultra HD channel (Ch. 508) is being removed and additional broadcast space is being added to better support the extra content you’ll have access to.

For people used to a “TV” experience, browsing channels, looking through the TV guide – this will be a big difference. But for the streaming generation, we think the whole thing will be fine.

From the start of the NRL season on March 11 you’ll get. your 4K content will be on the SPORT button of the remote, likely here the carousel of content will show LIVE shows in 4K as a priority, making it easier to find and access them.

Just how they are delivered isn’t entirely clear though.

Foxtel say “Depending on your box type, Ultra HD content will either be broadcast via Satellite or streamed via home internet.” Pretty much how the channels work on on IQ5 and updated IQ4 boxes.

However, there is this line – “To access all available events in Ultra HD, your iQ4 or iQ5 box needs to be connected to the internet.” The way I read that is when there are two events on at the same time, one will be delivered via Satellite and the other via internet for those with a Satellite connection – for those with only internet connections, both would be internet streamed.

They say it’s simple “Simply hit the Sport button on your voice remote to navigate to the Sports section. Here you can find all the sports programs and events available on Foxtel, including a carousel of all available Ultra HD sports events. Go to the Ultra HD sports carousel and select the event you would like to watch. If the event is currently on, you will be taken to the program. If the event is in the future, you can set the program to record from the Synopsis.

It will be a strange friction point for many when the season kicks off for some used to tuning in on channel 508 – but rest assured the content will all be there

What sports are available in 4K on Foxtel?

There are four key sports being promoted as offering 4K content in 2022.

  • 2022 Telstra NRL Premiership
  • 2022 Toyota AFL Premiership Season
  • 2022 FIA Formula One World Championship
  • 2022 Golf Masters Tournament

That’s not every game of the NRL and AFL, but certainly it should be a good number, while the F1 given the timezones should get clear air to get 4K coverage for the majority of the races.

Importantly, the 2022 Masters Golf is a big win for viewers and Foxtel – with the sports streaming battle on for young and old right now – that’s going to be well promoted as the event approaches.

It’s a big change, but a logical one to ensure the most amount of 4K can be made available.