From the outset, I have to tell you these are impressive devices, so much so we’re going to subject them to a much more comprehensive review in the coming weeks.

But, here at launch, having spent a few weeks tinkering with the TCL 10L and a week with the TCL 10 Pro there’s no questioning TCL’s claims to greatness at a budget price.

Topping out at $749, that’s almost one third the price of the most expensive smartphone you can buy, yet the TCL 10 Pro has features you won’t find at that $2,000 price point – like Super Macro.

The Entry level TCL is the 10 L, value packed at $449.

Both have a quad-camera system allowing for standard, low light, wide angle, great portraits and macro photography.

Both have stunning screens with the Pro offering an AMOLED display which is certainly better but don’t discount the impressive look and viewing angles of the 10L.

10L has hole punch camera, 10 Pro has a micro-notch

The 10 Pro has an in-screen fingerprint reader and facial recognition unlock. It’s impressive tech, the face recognition is lightning fast, but does struggle in low light. The Fingerprint reader under the screen is great tech, but I still find them less reliable than the standard ones we find on the back of phones (like the TCL 10 L).

Bang for your buck though, these are both outrageously good value.

Just check out these photos.

TCL 10L ($449):

And this Super Macro:

Decent Portrait:

This is a $449 phone 30 mins before Sunrise:

Handles the Sunrise bloody well too:

Now, the big brother

TCL 10 Pro ($749)

30 Minutes before Sunrise, looking at Manly – and check it out – it captured a star too:

Great colours and capturing the movement:

Two Manly Ferries 11 minutes before Sunrise:

And then the sun peeks over:

Now while the sun is over exposed here, this is one of my favourites;

Dark night, fire burning:

Sunny Sydney day:

Macro of my car keys:

They all look pretty bloody impressive right?

Share those on socials and no-one will realise you paid less than $800 – possibly less than $500 for your phone.

These are outrageously impressive phones for the value, but frankly, they would still be that if priced $100 or $200 more.

This is a very competitive part of the retail mobile phone market, TCL is a worthy competitor and it’s worth swiping up to check one out when you’re next in the market for a smartphone.