If the weekly grocery bill is mounting up, it may be time to see what technology can do with Grocery list and price comparison app, Frugl, launching a slew of new features to make it easier to find bargains.

The largest feature is the addition of more retailers, with Frugl able to provide price comparisons based on data from 5,200 stores. Frugl was previously concentrating on Woolworths and Coles, but users can now also compare prices for over 60,000 products at Aldi, IGA, Drake and Foodland as well. 

The update also includes a number of functionality updates, with users now able to login using their Apple, Facebook or Google accounts. Users are now seeing an improved interface for the way you create custom lists, shared lists and collaborative lists.

For those who wish to really save a dollar and hit the different stores, Shopping Note now allows users to split their shopping list into specific retailers, add quantities and mark off products from the list as you shop.

Frugl v3.0 also has wellness additions, with the app now able to identify allergens and nutritional thresholds in products, then filter your search results to exclude those products, making it easier to shop for a whole household.

The Frugl app is growing in popularity said Frugl’s Managing Director and CEO, Sean Smith  with more than 40,000 registered users in their community. This growing demand led to the addition of more retailers, but more is on the way this year with Mr Smith saying

“This is just the beginning for our significant app upgrades for the Frugl community, and with the new capability to add unlimited retailers to our platform to enhance shopping options for users, we’re looking forward to making Frugl even bigger in 2022.

The app itself is quite functional, though can be a little slow – feedback that’s been raised in the customer reviews on both app stores. That said, once it’s up and running it offers an invaluable way to save a few dollars, and the new features make it worth spending the time creating your own shopping list and visiting stores to get the best deals. 

If you want to try it out for yourself the newly updated Frugl app is available for both Android and iOS in their app stores right now.