March the first is going to be a big day for those of us who are F1 fans and Lego nuts – not only is the Mercedes F1 and Project One kit going on sale, but today, McLaren and Lego revealed the stunning new Lego Technic F1 car in McLaren livery available that same day.

Carrying the 2021 livery from the McLaren F1 car, the Lego Technic model is a work of art. A 1,432 piece model, measuring 13cm heigh, 65cm long and 27cm wide – it’s a beast!

Moving pistons in the V6 engine, detailed stickers to complete the livery as well as steering control from the cockpit, suspension and a diff lock.

“The partnership between the LEGO Group and McLaren continuously develops each time we get together for the next collaboration. We never stop trying to excite and inspire our fans by pushing the limits of possibility through the technology and designs produced, both on the racetrack and with LEGO building,” said Neils Henrik Horsted, Head of Product, LEGO Technic.  

James Key, Executive Director, Technical, McLaren Racing, said: “We are excited to unveil the unique LEGO Technic model of our McLaren F1 car, a fun and engaging product that celebrates our 2021 season livery while giving fans a hands-on interpretation of the new 2022 F1 car design. 

“This has been made possible by an agile collaboration with the LEGO Group team, who have truly embraced the spirit of our brave and bold approach to design. The final product looks fantastic, and we cannot wait to make this available to our fans.” 

In Australia, this thing will do exceptionally well, as Aussie’s look to build Daniel Ricciardo’s 2021 car ahead of the 2022 season start and Australian Grand Prix in April.

It will set you back a cool $179.99. ($279 in Australia!)