EFTM has spoken to Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner prior to the Australian GP this evening. He soaks about the surprising results in qualifying, race strategy and the controversial stepped nose on the cars.


EFTM: Were you surprised to be 5th and 6th on the grid today?

Christian Horner: A bit. We know we have a lot to do to get up to the front, but we believe our cars can match the McLarens. Mark had a DRS problem on Saturday which potentially cost him a 2nd or 3rd place spot but overall we still have work to do.

EFTM: Can you win from 5th and 6th today?

Christian Horner: It will be hard but we can do it. The McLarens have very good pace so we need to get off the line well and we can challenge them and Grosjean. The strategy will be interesting though. The tyres are lasting longer this year so expect a few teams may try to one stop. But there are a lot of variables that need to be considered.

EFTM: Who has been the most surprising team or driver for you so far this weekend?

Christian Horner: Grosjean. He is very quick and very talented. And the Lotus Renault is quite good. I think they can run up the front this race so we need to get on top of them quickly. But they have done a fantastic job.

EFTM: There has been a lot of comment about the new stepped nose. What are your thoughts.

Christian Horner: It doesn’t look good but when the teams saw the regulations for this year we knew it was going to happen. In the end all but two teams have a stepped nose. I think the rules will change but the problem is cost. Whatever the change is it needs to be cost effective.

EFTM is at the Australian Grand Prix as a guest of Infiniti.