It was late 2020 when the iPad Air got its fresh new look, slick design and Pro level styling. Now, less than two years later it’s been given a nice little refresh – one that makes it even more Pro worthy.

The position of the Air in the lineup since late 2020 has confused me, because it’s so close in size to the smaller iPad Pro, and the squared design gives it sibling vibes, but it’s lacked that oomph needed to be pro.

Instead, it was the better looking younger brother of the aged looking standard iPad.

Those looked included squared edges, and some nice colours.

This year, some fresh threads and a whole new inner body – the processor that is.

Powering the new iPad Air is the very same Apple Silicon – the M1 processor, that is inside the iPad Pro. And, mind you, inside the Mac Mini, iMac, Macbook etc.

Bottom line, this thing is powerful.

But I’m not sure most would notice frankly. Is it good to have headroom in performance – of course.

Do you notice it in day to day life? No.

Is Real Racing fantastic on it – yes 🙂

A MUCH darker BLUE in 2022 compared to 2020

I love the iPad Air because it’s a great look, and it has a solid screen on it, but most importantly – Fingerprint ID. TouchID is on the power button on top, and honestly I still don’t know why it’s not on more devices this same way.

In reality, I really don’t know what more to say here – the front facing camera is improved, which is good, and well – at $929 I do think it’s good value.

Not a necessary item for most when a standard iPad will certainly meet their needs – but hey, some of us just want something a bit more shiny:)

iPad Air goes on sale tomorrow.