Over in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress OPPO has brought their charging chops to the party showing off a new 150W charging technology set to debut in their smartphones this year along with an innovative 240W charging technology coming in future years.

150W SuperVOOC charging — coming to an OPPO smartphone near you this year

Already with one of the fastest charging solutions on the market OPPO, with 80W in the soon to be released in Australia OPPO Find X5 Pro, is set to improve that with 150W SuperVOOC flash charging coming later this year. The 150W charging is able to charge your phone to 50% in five minutes and fully charge it in just 15 minutes.

Set to debut in a yet-to-be-named OnePlus smartphone (unlikely to land here) the 150W charging technology includes a Battery Health Engine (BHE) and used GaN to reduce the size of the adapter to about the same size as last generation’s 65W SUPERVOOC adapter.

The BHE includes a Smart Battery Health Algorithm and Battery Healing Technology to “improve battery health, safety and performance by optimising the hardware and software”. In doing so it will prevent battery and phone overheating and degradation. In doing so it will maintain 80% of its original capacity after 1,600 charging cycles.

The charger is also compatible with other charging protocols including Power Delivery (PD) and Quick Charge (QC). The 150W SuperVOOC charging technology will arrive in all mid-high end OPPO smartphones by the end of the year.

240W – charge your phone in 9 minutes!

The 240W SuperVOOC charging technology can charge your 4,500mAh phone fully in just nine minutes. Instead of the usual two charge pumps, the 240W technology utilises three charge pumps to create 10V/24A charging speeds. This technology also uses safety protection measures to control the voltage, current and temperature to provide a safe charging experience. We certainly look forward to seeing this included in their next generation of smartphones.

OPPO continue to push the boundaries with their smartphone technologies and while some companies have opted to exclude chargers from their smartphone boxes, OPPO will continue to do so because that’s what we want — faster and more powerful charging.