ECOVACS has made robot vacuums for a while now, with models across the entire price range but now they have introduced a premium-featured model available at a budget price for a short time. The new ECOVACS DEEBOT NEO will be available at Aldi as part of their Special Buys program next week from March 9.

The ECOVACS DEEBOT NEO has been designed exclusively for Australia and as such features all the premium features we need in a robot vacuum. It includes TrueMapping laser-based mapping and navigation technology, traditionally only seen in higher-end robot vacuums. The new smart vacuum provides “great suction power and an exceptional clean” while also having the ability to mop the floor at the same time.

With a maximum suction power of 2600Pa the vacuum can sweep and suck up all of the dust from your floors including all the cracks, crevices and hard to reach places. The vacuum has improved smarts with the ability to detect carpet and either avoid it while in mopping mode or to increase suction if vacuuming only. You can also use the app to decide which areas you want cleaned and which you don’t using virtual boundaries and borders.

The new DEEBOT NEO is compatible with ECOVACS Auto-Empty station — sold separately — giving you the ability to change the bag/dustbin less often. It also supports automatic charging and continuous cleaning for larger houses where the vacuum requires more than one charge to complete the clean along with the ability to store maps of multiple levels of your house.

With support for Alexa and Google Assistant controls and a fully featured app the ECOVACS DEEBOT NEO is a great vacuum that is normally priced at $799 but while stocks last it will be available at Aldi for just $399 from March 9. At that price you’d better get in quick if you want one because having use it, they will fly out the door.

Stay tuned for our detailed review of the ECOVACS DEEBOT NEO.