COVID-19 has cost us a lot, not least our freedoms right? But also, have you noticed the complete and utter lack of hype about the Tokyo Olympic Games? They start this week folks!

This Friday night the Opening Ceremony begins in a Covid Safe and likely bizarre way, and then it’s action from the get-go with 11 Gold Medals awarded on Day 1 of competition on Saturday.

In fact, things are already underway, with Softball and Football beginning their competition yesterday ready to ensure things are wrapped up by the closing ceremony on August 8th.

In 2021 you’d expect to see some big names on the rights-holding list for the Olympic Games, but alas, the Seven Network have it all wrapped up. Relying almost entirely on the 7Plus app to ensure everything you want to watch is covered.

Given Seven’s heritage with the Olympics, dating back to 1956 you would assume there is no better hands for the games to be in.

So, just how can you watch the Tokyo Olympic Games in Australia?

Let’s run through it.

What will be on Free to Air?

Lots! Seven will Cover events across the day and into the night. Of course there will be a stop down for The Chase and Seven News, to keep that audience boost in the prime time, but across Seven and 7Mate, you’re basically going to get two consistent channels of live Olympic Coverage.

Will every Aussie gold medal attempt be live on Free to air?

Seven will hope to show every Aussie Gold Medal live. However, You won’t hear them commit to that. Sometimes the schedule just doesn’t work out, sometimes there’s a surprise packet you don’t expect.

Every medal will BE on Free to Air, but will they be LIVE? Impossible to guarantee.

What we can say is that if you have Channel 7 on all the time, you’re going to see the key things that matter.

What events can I watch on multi-channels free to air?

Right now, it’s hard to get a real sense of exactly what will split across the channels.

Rest assured the Swimming and Athletics will get priority on the main channel at night.

Likewise any Gold Medals will be won on the main channel

Expect 7Mate to hold longer games, more Aussie competitors that aren’t the mainstream Olympic ratings winners.

What events will be on 7PLus?


Think about this. In 1956, at the Melbourne Olympic Stadium Seven had three cameras that were then taken to the Pool to ensure six hours of live coverage each day.

In Sydney, there were over 700 cameras.

For the first time ever, free, will be 45 channels of Olympic Content across the Free-to air and 7Plus app.

So basically, it’s safe to say everything will be on 7Plus.

What events will NOT be live on 7Plus?

Given there will be over 1 billion minutes of live action streamed over 17 days, you’ll not miss a thing

The only caveat being perhaps some things might only be in replay mode – but that would be rare.

7Plus will also feature Olympic Minis and short form highlights.

Can I get 7Plus?

Everyone can!

Here’s how.

  • Web
  • iOS (iPhone / iPad)
  • Android (Phone & Tablet)
  • Telstra TV
  • Fetch TV
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Samsung TV
  • Sony Linux TV
  • PlayStation 4
  • Chromecast
  • Freeview Plus certified devices (red button on broadcast 7 channel, supported regions only)
  • LG TV (2016 and later)

The Bottom line is, now’s the time to download the 7Plus app onto your TV, Tablet, Phone or smart device.

Get an account and sign in, so you can take advantage of the resume and other user based features that will become useful during the games.

Hey, if you’re in lockdown, there’s plenty to watch!