After the debacle that was the reporting of it’s annual sales figures through the EV council, it seems Tesla is set to land on the official Industry sales reports VFACTS as soon as this month.

Reported exclusively by Joshua Dowling at – Tesla will report 4417 sales in the three months to end of March 2022, which gives an average of 1472 cars per month this year.

It’s a huge deal for the industry, and for Tesla who will now be seen as a legitimate contender in the market if they are willing to be transparent about sales numbers.

We all know they are selling well, we can see the cars on the roads, but this transparency should drive all manufacturers to take EVs a whole lot more seriously – forget government grants, if you want to make a car brand freak out – let them know there’s an upstart challenging their new-car ranking, either by model or by brand.

Newcomer BYD confirmed to EFTM earlier this year they would be reporting within VFACTS, so the race is on folks, with Tesla currently lengths and lengths ahead of the rest.