At today’s Find X5 series launch at Taronga Zoo OPPO announced a new partnership with the Taronga Conservation Society to help place “sustainability goals at the forefront of its entire product lifecycle.”  This is a welcome addition to and in keeping with the social responsibility of their recolouring the Great Barrier Reef partnership announced last year.

The new sponsorship provides for OPPO and Taronga to work together to reduce the number of smartphones that end up in landfill with a device donation program designed to help collect, recycle and refurbish your old phones, tablets and accessories.

Michael Tran said of the new partnership:

“At OPPO, we are committed to exercising our corporate social responsibility to address both local and global environmental challenges to proactively make a positive change.

“Every year millions of smartphones are discarded and end up in landfill. The environmental impact is unfathomable, but every little bit we can do will help to minimise that impact. So we’re encouraging everyone to actively donate their old, unwanted phones, so they can be properly recycled and diverted from landfill that will create unnecessary waste. We see the partnership as an opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint and amplify the sustainability efforts of Taronga Conservation Society dedicated to preserving our nature.”

The new program will make it easier for you to get rid of your old devices in a safe manner and allow for them to be recycled and not contribute to landfill which is a major problem facing us in Australia.  Other sustainability initiatives OPPO has undertaken include:

  • The reduction in the use of plastic in their packaging materials (by up to 95%) with 45% of their packaging now coming from recycled fibre, 
  • An increase in the lifespan of their smart devices’ battery with up to 80% of a battery still available after 1,600 charging cycles (228 weeks with a daily charge),

The new partnership will see recycle bins for your devices located at OPPO service centres and also at Taronga Zoo. Keep an eye out for a recycle bin near you to recycle your old devices and help do the right thing for our environment.