In a nation committed to its Rugby League and AFL there are a whole lot of international sports that just bubble away with fanatical support unlike many others. Baseball is one such sport, and the 2022 season kicks off real soon and despite it not being on every TV like Aussie sports, there’s plenty of ways to enjoy!

MLB on Apple TV+

For the first time ever, Apple is streaming live sport on Apple TV+, and the great news is, it will initially be free to ALL. You won’t need any form of Apple TV+ subscription, it will just work! Expect that to change in the second half of the year, once Apple has established their service in full.

Apple TV+ has two games per week, on Friday Nights in America. That’s Saturday morning and Lunch Time in Australia – a great start to the weekend for Baseball fans.

The full schedule of Apple TV+ games for the first half of the year are listed below.

Live MLB on ESPN in Australia

ESPN continues its role as rights holder in Australia, with around four games per week including an Exclusive Sunday (Monday our time) game each week.

You can get ESPN on Foxtel, Kayo and Fetch.

Subscribe to MLB.TV in Australia

If you’re a real fan though, that’s not going to cut it at all! Each team plays 160 odd games, plus there’s the post-season, so between Apple TV+ and ESPN they’re just scratching the surface here in Australia.

As a hard-core LA Dodgers fan, I’ve been an MLB.TV subscriber for a few years, and it’s a fantastic value subscription.

You can view all the teams games on MLB.TV on your computer or via the MLB app for $129.99 per year. If you’re really only into a single team, pay just $109.99.

The MLB TV app is also available on Samsung TVs, Google TV and Apple TV boxes.

Also, you can listen to MLB games on the radio via the MLB app and your subscription too. Great in Apple CarPlay when you’re driving and the games are on.

Play the MLB Game – “The Show 22” on Playstation or Xbox and Nintendo Switch

If 160 games a year isn’t enough, you can play your own too.

Purchase MLB The Show 22 from April 5 on Playstation or Xbox and you can be on the filed.

I had a crack tonight and the graphics are outstanding, gameplay fantastic and of course if you’re hard-core into the game there are advanced team management and gameplay settings as well as online play.

There are new Franchise modes, new Audio commentary, new online co-op and they’ve worked hard on the pitching, fielding and batting gameplay realism.

Play replays allow you to capture fantastic screenshots too.

All the games coming to Apple TV+ in 2022

Just a few days ago, Apple released the schedule for their Friday Night Baseball games for the first half of the year – the list is below:

“Friday Night Baseball” Schedule on Apple TV+

Friday, 8 April
New York Mets at Washington Nationals
7:00 pm EDT

Houston Astros at Los Angeles Angels
9:30 pm EDT

Friday, 15 April
Tampa Bay Rays at Chicago White Sox
7:00 pm EDT

Cincinnati Reds at Los Angeles Dodgers
10:00 pm EDT

Friday, 22 April
St. Louis Cardinals at Cincinnati Reds
6:30 pm EDT

Texas Rangers at Oakland Athletics
9:30 pm EDT

Friday, 29 April
New York Yankees at Kansas City Royals
8:00 pm EDT

Washington Nationals at San Francisco Giants
10:00 pm EDT

Friday, 6 May
Chicago White Sox at Boston Red Sox
7:00 pm EDT

Tampa Bay Rays at Seattle Mariners
9:30 pm EDT

Friday, 13 May
San Diego Padres at Atlanta Braves
7:00 pm EDT

Chicago Cubs at Arizona Diamondbacks
9:30 pm EDT

Friday, 20 May
St. Louis Cardinals at Pittsburgh Pirates
6:30 pm EDT

Texas Rangers at Houston Astros
8:00 pm EDT

Friday, 27 May
Baltimore Orioles at Boston Red Sox
7:00 pm EDT

Toronto Blue Jays at Los Angeles Angels
9:30 pm EDT

Friday, 3 June
Detroit Tigers at New York Yankees
7:00 pm EDT

Atlanta Braves at Colorado Rockies
8:30 pm EDT

Friday, 10 June
Tampa Bay Rays at Minnesota Twins
8:00 pm EDT

New York Mets at Los Angeles Angels
9:30 pm EDT

Friday, 17 June
Chicago White Sox at Houston Astros
8:00 pm EDT

Cleveland Guardians at Los Angeles Dodgers
10:00 pm EDT

Friday, 24 June
Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals
8:00 pm EDT

Detroit Tigers at Arizona Diamondbacks
9:30 pm EDT