Big business up in the air – someone’s gotta do it

Whether it’s a dirty job, or a niche job there really is truth to the old saying “someone’s gotta do it”.  So when you next look up at the sky and see some sky-writing, or a huge flag under a helicopter promoting something you’ll realise that someone’s job revolves around that whole business.

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Duncan McIntyre - Branding by Air & his Volkswagen Amarok

Duncan McIntyre – Branding by Air & his Volkswagen Amarok

Duncan McIntyre is his name, and he’s the man behind a company called Branding By Air, and if it wasn’t for Tim “Rosso” Ross visiting Duncan to take a look at his Volkswagen Amarok for a video he has done with Volkswagen – I’d probably never have given the concept a second thought.

His business provides a wide range of branding services via the sky – from sky-writing, to banners, and flags,  sky-divers at events – no matter what it is, it seems that this man has it covered.

He was showing off his Amarok to Rosso to demonstrate the size of the tray in the Amarok, which is best in class – you can view the video here:

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