While there are no ratings, there are no published numbers across Netflix, Stan, Binge, Paramount and all the other streaming services, we can get a sense of what Aussies are watching thanks to streaming search app JustWatch.

When people are thinking about a show, and don’t know where to watch it – they turn to Just Watch and the site or app will show you which streaming platform the show is available on.

Reality is, if you’re searching for it, you’re probably watching it – so the Just Watch data is quite eye opening as to what’s “rating” online.

In terms of TV shows, that list is topped by Severance, loads of great talk about this one on Apple TV+.

Behind that, The Split, Slow Horses and Moon Knight.

In terms of movies, I might be missing something, but Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald – a 2018 movie tops the charts. Let me know why?

UPDATE: Moderator Matt tells me ” the third Fantastic Beasts movie was released last week, so people probably catching up on the second instalment before seeing the new one.”

Spider-Man: No Way Home makes sense, a more recent film coming to streaming – as is the case with a bunch of the top titles.

Even Will Smith’s Oscar Winning performance in King Richard is in the top 10.