Citation_Xplus_SpeedA new service launching in Australia is set to allow flights between Sydney and Melbourne as a monthly package.


Elevate has procured three Cesna Citation Business Jets to enable private flying from Sydney or Melbourne. The Cesna jets feature executive club seats, noise cancelling and wi-fi. The planes used in the Elevate fleet are similar models to those owned by Harrison Ford and Morgan Freeman.


The process for those curious is simple and is really only useful for those who frequently travel between Sydney and Melbourne. The packages from Elevate are not offered for single use, they are monthly bundles. Packages begin at $2690 per month inclusive of 4 flights.

The service from Elevate is not just within the flight. Elevate offer valet service from the terminal and will park your car. Uber is also being looked at for transfers from your door to the flight.

cesna Sovereign2

Once at the terminal you will have a selection of drinks and snacks at your disposal before boarding your flight.

For those who fly between Sydney and Melbourne often will appreciate one main thing. The time saving. For a high-flying executive (no pun intended) time is the most valuable thing they have, time is money.


On average, a flight between Sydney and Melbourne can save you up to 1hr 45 minutes with Elevate. At the very least you will save 1hr and 15 minutes. This does add up and could be just what some people out there are looking for.

For others, like myself, this is a dream way of getting to Melbourne for the Formula 1 Grand Prix…