The Mini MOKE is iconic for its simplicity, and it’s still remarkably popular as a cult icon in that way. Today though, a milestone for a rebirth of sorts with the new all-electric MOKE starting production.

Ready for the British summer, the new MOKE will be on the roads as the Brits go searching for those few days of sunlight a year.

An Electric MOKE will go 144km on a full charge, can drive up to $100km/h and will take 4 hours to fully charge.

In the UK – an Electric MOKE will set you back £29,150. There’s no official word on if or when these cars will come to Australia, but for some context, a £29,000 car in the UK from say Mini, or Skoda or Audi will be in the area of $50-$60,000.

Interestingly, that’s about the price an old Late 70’s early 80’s Moke!

While I like the idea of the Electric, I wouldn’t mind the OG – but for that money, gosh there’s a lot of different – and safer options out there.

If you are keen, then I guess put your name down on their website: