The end of the financial year is always a great time to get a great deal on pretty much anything. EOFY sales often offer great deals for those wanting to switch carriers or just upgrade, especially at the moment when the cost of living is increasing, far outstripping wage raises.

This year Vodafone have kicked off things early — very early, it’s just barely May — with a great EOFY deal on a couple of their $40 plan. The new deals are just a tip of the iceberg with more to come later this month.

From today, Vodafone is doubling the Max Speed Data on its $40 Lite Plan and $40 SIM Only Lite Plan, for no additional cost. Previously the plans included 40GB of Max Speed Data but now that will double to 80GB, great value for just $40 a month.

This new deal is available for new and existing customers until the end of May. Remember there will be more EOFY deals coming in the next couple of weeks and this one will be available until the end of May, so you don’t have to make any snap decisions.

Keep an eye out for more EOFY deals from Vodafone and other carriers in the coming weeks.