Not since the iPhone 4 has so much attention been on Apple over a new iPhone launch, so with their big event set to kick off at 3am this Wednesday morning I thought I’d run you through what we expect from Apple this September.

Let’s remember, nothing is certain until Tim Cook takes the stage at the all-new Steve Jobs Theatre for the very first time.  Until then, everything is based on speculation & rumours, plus a few cheeky software leaks and the concept design devices built for case manufacturers based on all the supply chain leaks.

Three new phones? Could this case maker “mock up” be the legit Tenth anniversary iPhone?

So, let’s bring it all together and put all the cards on the table.

Apple Watch

There’s plenty of good mail that Apple will announce a new Apple Watch.  Don’t expect an amazing new design, instead this Apple Watch will feature it’s own 4G connection.

Huawei have such a device, as do Samsung – however, while I’d mark this one down as likely – I doubt we’ll get it in Australia.

Most likely Apple will include an eSIM – this is an embedded SIM card, unfortunately Aussie Networks don’t use eSIMs yet.

Likewise, there will probably be talk of switching between watch and phone, sharing a phone number.  Sadly, even if there’s some miracle way of getting the watch working in Australia, it’s highly unlikely there won’t be a single telco who can support phone number sharing across multiple devices.

Apple TV

With so many improvements to Apple TV over the last 18 months, it’s a no-brainer that Apple announces a new Apple TV box with 4K support – Whack this one down as likely.

Expect mentions of HDR and Ultra High Definition, to catch the Apple TV box up with the many modern TVs it is connected to.

Don’t expect Netflix on stage though, with Apple Music featuring video and their own commissioned content, there’ll be no love lost on that relationship.


Yeah Yeah Yeah, odds on for an iPhone announcement.  But it’s the detail that matters.

Three new phones? Could this case maker “mock up” be the legit Tenth anniversary iPhone?

EFTM expects three new phones.

Two of them will be updated versions of the iPhone 7.  Same sizes, same screen sizes.

Improved cameras, new processors, all new portrait mode capabilities and likely Portrait mode for the first time on the smaller phone.

The two main unknowns – the Names, and Charging capabilities.

I would have expected them to be called the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, but there’s a bit of mail suggesting iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.  If I was forced to put money on it, I’d go with 7s and 7s Plus.

And will these two include Wireless charging?  If they do, it’s the best kept secret ever – because it will likely require a redesign with a return to the glass back.  My best guess – unlikely.  Hold that one for 2018 when the 8 and 8 Plus are re-designed with the Glass back of the Tenth anniversary device.

Three new phones? Could this case maker “mock up” be the legit Tenth anniversary iPhone?

Speaking of which, that’s the third phone.  Lets be clear, this device is the showstopper, the flagship.  The Tenth Anniversary device could be called the iPhone X, the iPhone Edition or the iPhone Pro.

I’ve wavered on this over even the last few weeks.  But again, if forced, I’d go with iPhone X.  iPhone 10 – the tenth anniversary.  Next best guess is iPhone Pro, because it can last two years that way and just be updated.

This device will feature the huge screen to body ratio with the removal of the home button.

The notch at the top will separate the status bar on screen and the cameras will feature advanced 3D facial recognition.

Three new phones? Could this case maker “mock up” be the legit Tenth anniversary iPhone?


Will the home button be gone?  No more TouchID?  That would be about as smart as removing the headphone jack.  I think it would be amazing.  If I was to bet, I’d suggest the fingerprint scanner lives under the Apple logo on the back, but word is it’s gone.

The power button on the side may become a fake button (Like the home button last year), and be configurable in many ways.

Three new phones? Could this case maker “mock up” be the legit Tenth anniversary iPhone?

Expect the same advanced cameras as the Plus model here.

Also, expect a high price.  Starting at $1549 in 64GB mode, up to easily $1800 for the 256GB.

This will be the most expensive iPhone ever.

My real hope?

The mock up design of the Tenth anniversary phone is actually the body of the iPhone 7s and 7S plus.  Rounded edges with a glass back.  If this is actually the case, call those the 8 and 8 Plus and revert back to the CAD design of the tenth anniversary device.

This would be thinner, flatter, reverting to the iPhone 5-like design, but much thinner.

Those three devices would all be very very attractive to buyers and would create the biggest iPhone launch in history.

Augmented Reality

Apple has bloody nailed this space, expect them to showcase a lot of great Augmented Reality apps running on iOS 11 – and we’ll get an availability date for iOS 11 also.

Other news

Given it’s September, there’s a chance we’ll get an on-sale date for HomePod and iMac Pro – but don’t hold your breath, they can deliver that news in a press release.


Expect pre-orders to start this Friday the 15th, with queues around the block on the 22nd when the phones go on sale.

Your thoughts?

There’s 800 words of complete and utter guess work – so, what do you reckon?  What will they announce? What will the new iPhones be called?

Three new phones? Could this case maker “mock up” be the legit Tenth anniversary iPhone?

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