We reported on Boost trialling and then launching 5G in recent months, and in mid-May Telstra announced it would be opening up its 5G network to MVNO’s in July. Well, that’s happened, with Aldi launching a 5G plan on their Aldi Mobile website.

The plan is the most expensive of the Aldi Mobile range, at $55 it offers a 60GB data allowance with a continuous data rollover and a 30 day expiry.

Aldi’s smaller plans are unaffected and do not offer 5G at this time.

This is in line with Telstra’s premium offering where 5G is seen as something worth paying for, but it’s yet to be seen how customers will respond to that in the prepaid space.

At Woolworths a similarly placed new top-tier recharge is on offer, with 60GB of data for $59 per month, however these are ongoing plans, not monthly pre-paid like the Aldi offer.

No obvious addition of 5G to Pennytel, Mate or Belong plans as yet, but that will likely come with time.