Last year Google and the AFL (and AFLW) partnered up to bring the AI-powered Footy Skills Lab to the world. Now they have announced that they are rolling out updates to it to make it more inclusive, so everyone can enjoy the greatest game on Earth.

Google has worked with the AFL’s Disability Inclusion team to bring new features to the Footy Skills Lab so that players with vision or hearing needs along with those who use a wheelchair can also use the Lab as a training tool.

New wheelchair AFL features are included and are demonstrated by Victorian Wheelchair Football League Captains, Louis Roe and Chris Henderson. New wheelchair features include letting you know when you’ll need a flat surface and some space. AFLW players also take more of a role in the demonstration of skills and activities.

The new vision and audio features include strong visual cues to hearing impaired players will know when an activity is finished as well as the ability to slow the speed of video playback and to turn captions on and off. These are all saved on-device so you don’t have to do it every time — it will remember your setting the next time you use it.

AFL is the greatest game in the world and now even more players can learn how to play it and get the enjoyment that it offers to so many people here in Australia and around the world. Head on over to the Footy Skills Lab on your device now to get started.