This is such an exciting competition, because every single day we get to give away something we really do love! I love watches, the best looking watches and the smartest watches and today the ultimate hybrid is what we’re giving away.

The Scanwatch Horizon from Withings is a stunning analogue watch with a small screen offering the smartest features.

With a design inspired by a luxury diver watch, it’s the perfect mix of looks and smarts. A massive month-long battery life, with smart features you just wouldn’t expect from a watch that looks like this.

Medical-grade ECG when you want it, can detect breathing disturbances at night which might be a sign of sleep apnoea, as well as blood oxygen monitoring along with movement, heart rate and more.

You’ll find the Withings Scanwatch Horizon at JB-HiFi but today and today only we’ve got one to give away!

We are really excited about this one!

Important note, each day’s prize is an all-new competition, you can only enter once, but you must enter each day to be in the running for that day’s prize.

For your chance to win:

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  2. Register for an EFTMID on the WIN page
  3. Enter your EFTM ID in the form below.
  4. That’s it!

Winner for Day 3 is James Stamelos from WA (Three in a row for WA!)

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