Blake Jackson will be filthy that Powerball’s $160,000,000 jackpot has gone off because he’s one lucky man, take a look at this Dashcam footage from Tuesday night in Adelaide:

Blake told EFTM he’d “been to the pub with mates, and we just opened a pizza bar (Beach Road Pizza Christies Beach outside of Adelaide) so I was heading there to help clean up the shop towards the end of the night. And it’s such a routine drive for me driving along Beach Road.”

But that routine turned epic fast when two wheels and tyres attached to the hub came off the rear right hand side of a car-carrying semi-trailer heading the opposite direction.

Those wheels headed straight for Blake, and as a regular viewer of Dashcam Owners Australia footage on YouTube he thought “oh, I’m kind of familiar with that scene, like a rogue wheel and then maybe like a split second later there it is in front of me.

“I guess I thought, I gee that’s gonna suck for wherever that lands. And then I’m like, Oh, it’s actually right in front of me now and nowhere to go. Nothing. Nothing I could do and just smash bang into it. “

The 2009 Subaru Forrester looks beyond repair, and that explains why the mobile phone holder attached to the windscreen was dislodged throwing his phone into the car.

And that’s where Apple’s Crash Detection kicks in.

Blake owns a new iPhone 14 Pro and using advanced new sensors it detected the crash, probably as the Airbags deployed and nothing to do with the phone being sent hurling into the car.

Because the driver was broadly uninjured, when he got out of the car, he left his phone inside, but wearing an Apple Watch his phone alerted him and asked if he had been in a high impact crash.

Blake confirmed, and that initiated a call to Triple-Zero, along with a text message notification to his emergency contacts.

If the occupant does not respond to the alert on the phone, it would have called Triple Zero after a short moment of time – this is for those cases where the driver or occupant may be incapacitated.

While on the phone to Triple-Zero, Blake started getting calls from all his emergency contacts, though he couldn’t talk to them due to being on the triple-zero call.

Blake’s sister Jacinta came to the scene without needed exact details from Blake because she had been sent a location in the alert.

His mate Ash received this message:

Blake was ok, and grateful for the contacts from his mates and family, and also in awe of the technology “that’s just impressed me so much that it’s phenomenal. I’ve just got an Apple watch, like everyone has one and it connected me straight away. I probably hadn’t gathered my thoughts enough to think about ringing Triple O so it did the work for me”

Had this happened in a remote area, where the driver or occupant was unable to respond, there’s a high chance emergency services would have known and attended and it’s those situations for which this feature is designed.

Remarkable stuff – an amazing story which I’m sure Blake will share if you’re ever in Adelaide looking for a Pizza.