The April Fools joke that wasn’t is really happening. When Dyson announced their Air Purifying headphones I, and many others questioned if this was a real device or some sort of publicity stunt. Well, let me confirm once and for all, this is real – very real and they’re coming out in January.

These literally huge headphones pack technology never before seen in headphones, because hey – how many headphones have you see that have hard mouth and nose covering attachment that can clip in place to provide purified air?

I mean, how many headphones have you seen that have the ability to circulate air – little motors inside that bring air in and purify it before pushing it out gently into your nose or mouth. It’s wild to even think about.

This product aims to solve the problem of what Dyson calls “Urban Pollution”. While COVID still circulates among us, the company doesn’t mention that in it’s release, and while many would assume the Dyson Zone is born from the Covid Pandemic in fact Dyson has been working on a solution like this for far longer.

Their trails and testing of backpacks that monitor air quality, their push to turn their bladeless fans into air purifiers are examples of the work Dyson has been doing in the area of air pollution.

Apparently 99% of the world’s population live in areas that exceed the World Health Organisation safe levels for pollution.

But the Dyson Zone doesn’t just address Air Pollution, it’s also about Noise Pollution which particularly in large dense cities can be a difficult problem to avoid.

Enter the Dyson Zone. Engineered to take on this dual-challenge.

Headphones with 50 hours audio only run time, of 4 hours if you’re doing air-purification. That’s a lot, and also not much at all.

But I think these headphones will actually hit the market to surprise other Audio brands. Dyson talks about their advanced noise cancelling using 11 microphones offering up to 38dB of noise cancellation from 20Hz to 20kHz.

They’ve also got the ability to reproduce frequencies we can’t even hear – from 6Hz to 21kHz, with a 40mm 16ohm driver at the heart of it all.

Listening to Dyson engineers talk about the work they’ve put in at an audio level, it’s compelling, and I can’t wait to hear them.

Using the MyDyson App you’ll also be able to control your personal EQ settings, as well as seeing your air quality exposure levels.

It’s all well and good, but tell ’em the price son!

Well, there’s no RRP yet. And it looks like China gets them first in January (probably wise, that place is a shocker for air quality), then the US, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore in March.

No word yet on Australia sadly, this might end up like the Dyson Robot Vacuum that never made it down under? We’ll wait and see, but given how Dyson locally is talking about this with us, we’re confident it will hit Australia next year.