Dyson, better known for their vacuum cleaners, hand dryers and fans are getting into the headphone business, announcing the Dyson Zone air-purifying headphones.

The Dyson Zone headphones are “noise canceling, high fidelity over-ear headphones” with an air-purifier ‘visor’ that covers your mouth and nose, delivering filtered, purified airf.

Before we go too far, this is not an April Fools joke. At least that’s what Dyson and their PR team have confirmed to EFTM. We definitely asked about this one.

The wearable is a result of six years of research and development for Dyson, with the end result a product of more than 500 prototypes. The air purifier is contact-less, with the removable visor able to direct airflow directly to the mouth and nose. The air is run through an electrostatic filtration system which can capture 99% of particle pollution such as dust, pollen and bacteria says Dyson. It also uses a potassium-enriched carbon filter which can capture common harmful gasses.

The air purifier can run on three modes, low, medium, high and auto, with the Auto mode using accelerometers to cycle through as required. 

The headphones have Advanced Active Noise Cancellation, with three modes: Isolation, Conversation and Transparency. The Isolation mode offers the most active cancellation, for a more immersive experience. Conversation mode automatically activates when the visor is dipped to allow for conversation, while also conserving battery power. There’s also a Transparency mode, which lets you hear noise like emergency sirens or announcements. 

The audio profile for the Dyson Zone was developed by their audio engineers using a scientifically derived method ibased on metrics and listening sessions to deliver a “pure, rich audio and advanced noise cancellation”. 

There’s no current pricing, or specific information on the battery life, drivers or even a date for when you can get your hands on the Dyson Zone, but we’re interested.