The broadband internet service operating from low-earth-orbit has hit a milestone. Starlink has reached 1 million active customers.

It’s a massive achievement for a technology let alone a company that just a few years ago seemed far fetched.

Today, across large parts of the world, high-speed internet is available on the ground from satellites in space.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is behind the production, launch and running of the system which right now is over capacity in large parts of America, but is now available across all of Australia.

Setup costs in Australia were recently slashed to just over $400 for the Satellite Dish, but monthly costs are still high at $139 per month.

It’s an expensive solution to some, but that’s when compared to fixed-line broadband which many use in populated areas of Australia. However, in regional areas where the slowest technologies are all there are on offer, Starlink offers a glimmer of hope for a true broadband connection in literally any area (assuming you have great line of sight to the sky).

1 Million customers means $139,000,000 in revenue every month give or take, and with that much cashflow running in, the company is well placed to continue to roll out it’s Satellites.

There are currently 3,300 Starlink satellites sitting just over 500km from earth, with plans for four or even more times that number.

Huge parts of Africa are still in line for coverage, and it will be interesting to see how internet like this opens up opportunities in areas of the world where broadband internet has been lacking.

Well done Starlink.