The quest to find the best mobile service provider is never ending, but Australia’s best mobile network has been awarded to Telstra again this year with Umlaut awarding them Best in five categories. 

The Umlaut test awarded Telstra Best in Voice, Data, Crowd-sourced quality, and Reliability after extensive testing. 

The tests on the 5G/LTE networks of all Australian based carriers was carried out using both crowd-sourced data between 2021 through 2022, as well as Umlaut’s own tests between October and November in 27 towns and 15 cities in rural and metropolitan areas across Australia, including driving tests between those places.  

Telstra took the top spot for each of the major categories, achieving an unprecedented 900 out of 1000 points in the tests, reinforcing their claim to be Australia’s Best mobile network. 

The Telstra network currently covers 80% of Australians with 5G connectivity, with 4300 5G-enabled sites in more than 400 cities and towns. Telstra aims to cover 95% of the population with 5G as part of their T25 strategy announced in September last year.

It’s a great result for Telstra, and a good point to start if you’re looking for improved coverage or service – or just a new mobile provider.