Apple has made big changes to it’s maps in Sydney and Melbourne with impressive detail down to the road line-markings as well as new custom landmarks. In addition, across Australia there directions for Cyclists are available for those wanting to two-wheel it to their destination.

Underpinning the new experience is the new maps which Apple spent years building from the ground up that launched last year. With that platform Apple is able to enhance details of the map that were not previously possible.

Users in Sydney and Melbourne will see on their phones and in CarPlay amazing enhanced navigation with details of road markings, land cover, trees and elevation levels. There are also clear markings for turn lanes, median strips, even clear bus and taxi lanes and pedestrian crossings.

When you’re approaching a complex intersection, a “windshield view” appears with a road-level view making it easier to see which lane you need to be in.

There are also a small number of custom designed landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, Melbourne Cricket Ground and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

At night, things light up – with a glow from lights that has a sense of realism.

It’s easily the nicest map available on any Mapping app.

For those walking around the city – you can also use Apple Maps with an Augmented Reality navigation showing the route on the screen as if projected onto the screen – something Google has been doing for a few years now.

For cyclists, you can choose cycling as a routing option along with walking, car and public transport. The map will then give you a cycling appropriate route, which also shows elevations at the start and throughout your journey.

People are very map-loyal, but for those who haven’t tried Apple Maps for a while, probably worth a try again!