There are 100,000 or more Aussie homes accessing their home broadband via the NBN’s “SkyMuster” satellite internet service. It ensures NBN is available literally everywhere in Australia, but it’s also slow and very limited. That may all be about to change.

NBN is trialling a new “Plus” plan that it hopes will provide faster speeds to customers from late this year.

Currently you’re looking at 25mbps down and maybe 5mbps up, and critically some limits on the amount of data you can use at different times of the day.

It’s all a bit complex, and archaic. Plus, when you consider the impact of Starlink the low-earth orbit satellite service that many Australians are jumping on, there’s a chance NBN is losing customers here – fast.

So the new trail will deliver unmetered (unlimited) use data and faster speeds up to 100Mbps for up to 10,000 Sky Muster Plus customers around Australia. That’s about 1 in 4 of the current Plus customers.

If this test goes well, that will help shape how the plan might be made available to more of the customer base via retailers later in the year.

Gavin Williams, nbn’s Chief Development Officer for Regional and Remote says “We know that customers across the nbn network are demanding more speed and more data, and as the customer need grows, so does our response.  

“We are committed to bringing broadband solutions and digital connectivity to more homes and businesses in the satellite footprint to support innovation, productivity and growth in regional and remote areas of Australia. 

“This trial represents the latest evolution of our Sky Muster Plus satellite service, as we keep pace with customer expectation and advancements in technology to deliver more capacity, enhanced network performance and enhanced data allowances.  

“As nbn upgrades the fixed wireless network, it enables us to offer customers on the satellite network the ability to migrate to the fixed wireless network. This will free up capacity for satellite customers – allowing for the trial. 

“The nbn Sky Muster satellite service is a vital part of the nbn network and connects even remote parts of our country.   

“The nbn Sky Muster satellite service is Australian-owned and secure. Our satellite equipment is professionally installed, and we do not charge internet service providers for a standard installation or the standard satellite equipment. nbn also delivers customer support through on-ground Australian technical support teams.”