A week after the launch of the updated Xbox 360 dashboard featuring the new ‘metro’ look and voice controls, the first Australian content has hit – it’s SBS ON DEMAND. Sorry about the shouting but that’s the name!

SBS ON DEMAND Screen from the XBox 360

Both ABC iView and SBS ON DEMAND were scheduled for the December 6 launch, however certification delays with Microsoft meant that didn’t happen – instead we were told ‘later in December’. Today, SBS released screenshots of its new platform after the certification went through and the app went live.

It’s a great looking on-demand TV viewing experience, something very different no matter what you’ve seen before. This is not just a basic service either, the SBS ON DEMAND app has full Kinect and Voice Control capability so it’s a genuinely new viewing experience. Interestingly the ABC iView app has not been added this week, so some additional development will be going on at Aunty this ahead of a likely launch next Wednesday.

Trevor Long is an employee of SBS.