Just days after Oppo revealed the Australian launch date and pricing for their first flip-folding phone the price of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4 has been slashed by $300 – so is this a run-out sale or Samsung Running scared? Gotta say, looks like the latter to me.

The first indicator this isn’t anything to do with the life-cycle of the product is the price of the Galaxy Z Fold – it’s still retailing at the full RRP of $2,999.

Conversely, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 which launched at $1,499 is now a staggeringly low $1,199 – a $300 reduction.

Curious much? For sure. Because Oppo’s Find N2 Flip is now in pre-order phase and will launch in just a matter of weeks – at $1,499 which was the same price as the Samsung.

And this is the right move from Samsung. Firstly, to drive take-up of the Folding phone market, but secondly because in my early view – the Oppo Find N2 Flip is a far superior Flip form factor phone.

It has a much larger and more useful front screen when closed. It closes flat shut an the Screen “crease” is almost undetectable.

Side by side, if you were comparing the two at JB HiFi you’d take the Oppo hands down.

But with a $300 price difference, would you be swayed to take the established player despite those generational differences?

Timing from Oppo has created a real issue for Samsung, as their next update isn’t due until August. I’ve little doubt they’re ready to challenge, but for six months in-between, they need some way of staying relevant in the flip-phone space.

Price will do that.