LG Australia have today unveiled their 2023 TV range, launching 33 new TVs with some models available now, and others arriving in the next few months. 

The new range includes 15 new OLED models which includes the OLED Evo G3 and the exciting new wire-free OLED M announced at CES earlier this year. The 2023 LG range also includes new Lifestyle form factors, as well as a new range of QNED models. 


The new OLED range is headlined by the new OLED evo G3 which comes in four sizes (83”, 77”, 65” and 55”) and features including the latest Alpha9 Gen 6 AI Processor. The Alpha9 Gen6 AI Processor offers higher quality picture and sound using AI assisted deep learning models, and also includes AI Picture Pro for clearer images. 

The TV also integrates AI Sound Pro which provides virtual 9.1.2 surround sound from the TVs built-in speakers. There’s also the new Wow Orchestra mode, that when combined with an LG soundbar, will utilise all available speakers (including in the TV) for a complete surround sound experience.


The LG G3 OLED also includes the “ultra-seamless” One Wall Design mount, which allows you to mount it on a wall with no visible gap.

LG also offers the C3 OLED in a mid-range configuration in six panel sizes (83”, 77”, 65”, 55”, 48” and 42”) which also use the Alpha9 Gen 6 AI processor. For those wanting an entry into the OLED space, there’s also the LG B3 series TVs which will be available in three sizes (77”, 65” and 55”), but come with an Alpha7 Gen6 processor. 

LG Lifestyle 

LG have also expanded their 2023 Lifestyle range of TVs with new form factors. The new range includes the design focused LG Objet OLED models – Posé and Easel – as well as the unique LG StanbyME portable screen and the flexible OLED display, LG OLED Flex.

The Pose and Easel offer a blend of innovation and design. The LG Pose incorporates high-end specs including an OLED evo panel and Alpha9 Gen 5 AI processor which incorporates the Brightness Booster Max technology. The LG Easel offers a unique form factor that’s more design focused using fabric covers created by Kvadrat and is designed to blend in seamlessly with home decor.

The LG StandbyME is a portable 27-inch FHD resolution LED display designed to be used anywhere in the house where you wouldn’t normally have a TV. The display is mounted on a stand with five wheels hidden in the base and can be moved into your office, garage or your kids room when they need to stay in bed. The display can be moved into position, then the stand offers the option to rotate the display up to 180°, swivel to 130°, tilt to 50°, and move vertically by 20cm. 

Lastly is the LG OLED Flex announced last year. A cross between a monitor and high-end TV, the LG OLED Flex offers a 42-inch OLED panel which can go from flat to curved, with up to 20 incremental stops along the way which can be controlled from the remote.

The LG OLED Flex includes 40W front firing peakers with a 2.2 channel surround sound with Dolby Atmos and the panel supports Dolby Vision and 4K resolution at up to 120Hz. Gamers will be happy to hear the OLED Flex also supports HDMI 2.1 with Variable Refresh Rate and Auto Low Latency Mode. The Flex is also G-SYNC compatible and features AMD Freesync.


LG have also announced an update to their premium QNED range. The QNED range combines Quantum Dot and NanoCell technology and offering improved dimming zones and mini-LED technology for more precise control of brightness, deeper blacks and ultra-high contrast ratio. 

Ranging in size from 55 – 86-inches, the 2023 LG QNED range offers 4K resolution.  This years lineup includes improved contrast expression thanks to improvements in QNED Million Grey Scale Block Dimming technology.

LG ThinQ and WebOS

The new range of TVs includes support for the LG ThinQ AI platform offering improved connectivity and an intuitive AI experience, while WebOS 23 brings new improvements, including more content with the addition of new apps and services. 

The LG ThinQ AI platform allows users to use natural language when controlling simple TV functions or settings, or when searching for content. The platform also allows interoperability with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The WebOS 23 update brings new content for LG owners, with new catch-up TV apps from Paramount+, 10 Play and TikTok now available to download. The platform already includes all the majors including Disney+, Stan, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Apple TV+, Foxtel, BINGE, Kayo and Optus Sport bringing a plethora of options to your living room.

Pricing and Availability

The new LG range is landing in Australia from this month, with some QNED models and the LG OLED Flex arriving slightly later in June.  LG advised that the pricing for everything is as follows:

OLED Z3OLED77Z3$15,999April
OLED G3OLED83G3$10,999April
OLED C3OLED83C3$8,999April
OLED B3OLED77B3$6,499April
LG Posé55LX1QPSA$3,499April
LG Easel65ART90ESQA$12,999April
LG OLED Flex42LX3Q$4,999July