OpenSignal have released their latest Mobile Network Experience Report for the Australian mobile landscape with Optus, Telstra and Vodafone picking up awards. 

The report is based on the experience of Aussies using OpenSignal’s own app, as well as data from their partners apps and gives a look at the mobile landscape here in Australia.

 Telstra picked up six awards outright, also sharing a joint award with Optus who picked up five awards outright on their own. Vodafone still nabbed four awards, as well as showing improvement in 5G Reach since the last report.

Telstra again nabbed the award for ‘Best Consistent Quality’, as well as picking up awards for 5G Reach and 4G Coverage Experience and Download Speed Experience, however Optus managed to pip them with an average 5G Download Experience award with an average of 229.6Mbps, faster than speeds seen by Telstra users with an average speed of 215Mbps  and more than double Vodafone users’ 106.8Mbps.

Vodafone did pick up an award for 5G Availability, as well as awards for Upload Speed Experience and 5G Voice App Experience, as well as showing their gaming chops with a nod for best 5G Games Experience, though only narrowly beating both Optus and Telstra with all three telcos seeing scores in the Good (75-85) category.

Optus 5G users saw the fastest average 5G download speeds, with users seeing an average 5G download speed of 229.6Mbps, however lost to Telstra for the award for Overall Download Speed Experience with Telstra receiving a score of 59.6Mbps over Optus’ 55.7Mbps and Vodafone’s score of 47.8 – so Optus can be fast, but Telstra does it more consistently,

Optus additionally picked up three additional nods with OpenSignal finding that their users have the best overall Video Experience, Games Experience and Voice App Experience.

It’s a pretty good result all round for our three largest Telcos, with Telstra again showing their consistent commitment to mobile, Optus picking up nods in a variety of araeas and Vodafone particularly showing improvement on their gaming chops.