Ring has introduced their most advanced battery doorbell yet, which to be honest is not a surprise – a company that stands still goes backwards, especially in the tech world.

The new Ring Video Doorbell Plus looks the same as its predecessors but includes an upgraded 150 x 150 degree expanded FOV along with its highest HD resolution, 1536p.  I have a hardwired Ring Elite video doorbell installed in my house with a full Ring Protect subscription, so I was able to test the new Video Doorbell Plus out side by side with their flagship product.

After a couple of weeks, and countless deliveries, door knocking survey takers and one random guy parking and coming to our door for some unknown reason I have my own thoughts on the doorbell.  Read on to hear them.


Ring include everything in the box that you could possibly need to install the video doorbell – aside from a drill.  There are several different types and lengths of screws, an angle mount to allow you to ensure the video camera gets an optical angle of your doorstep.  

This is one issue I have with my Ring Elite doorbell.  The only place it could go was flush in the wall which shows in front of the door only but not out along the footpath leading to the door.  I have seen aftermarket mounts for sale but no need for that here.  Not only is the mount included but Ring include all the screws you may need to screw the doorbell to the mount and the mount to the wall.


Setting the Doorbell Plus up can be as complicated or as simple as you want it.  If this is your first Ring product, I’d recommend skipping all the additional steps Ring asks you to take such as editing the motion zones and just doing the bare minimum until the doorbell is installed and setup within the app.

Then once the Doorbell Plus is in the Ring app you can go through each setting one by one setting them up how you want them.  Ring give really good instructions with what each feature does and how you might edit it.  This way you don’t miss anything and you know where the features are located within the settings should you need to edit them in the future.


All the usual Ring features are included as well as the new package alerts and an improved 150×150 degree FOV.  A new feature to Ring is the smart replies where after a time specified by you, the doorbell will automatically answer the doorbell for you giving a set response – these are pre-recorded by Ring so you cannot make up your own unfortunately.  

My favourite, relatively new feature, is the geofencing option to allow you to arm or disarm various cameras for when you are home or away.  Seems simple but it wasn’t that long ago that Ring did not have this option.

3D Motion Settings –

  • Motion Settings:  Here you draw the motion zone onto the camera view as you would for all Ring cameras.  You can change the shape and alter it however you want it, and you can also have up to three separate zones.  You also set the sensitivity required to trigger a motion event which is handy if you have a garden that can trigger motion events.
  • Smart notifications:  You can decide whether you want to receive smart notifications or not — whether you get notifications, recordings, both or neither for person motion and “other” motion.  I left my setting as person only.
  • Motion schedules: a handy addition is the ability to avoid getting motion notifications at certain times and on certain days. 
  • Package Zones: you can set the device to notify you when it sees a package in an area that you specify – this works most reliably with boxes that are around 30cm or larger.

Video Quality

The video quality — and snapshot quality is definitely an improvement over the Ring Doorbell Elite we have which is “only” 1080p. The images look clearer as well. Check out the videos and screencaps below. The daytime video does struggle at times with the bright background but up close it is pretty good. I would like them to handle fast movement better but it’s not bad.

Battery life

Obviously, it’s tough to get a true estimate on the battery life in just a week or two, especially given the battery usage that occurs with the initial setup of a device.  After a week of use though, including the setup, the battery is still around 90%.  

This seems to be extremely battery efficient which is important as charging the batteries is not quick so you would prefer not to have to charge it too often given you won’t have a doorbell/camera while it charges.  I’m sure you could eek out even more battery life too if required but I like to use as many useful features as possible.

There is no option for local recording if you prefer that option.  Ring is all about the online recording and if you get yourself into the Ring ecosystem it is totally worth it.  The Ring Protect Plus subscription gives you video recording for ALL of your devices at your home address — no matter how many you have.   I have 11 (including this review unit) and it costs AU$150 per year (or $15 per month).  If I get to 20 (although I doubt I have enough places left to record to get anywhere near that) it will cost me just the same.  If you only have a few cameras, you can purchase a Ring Protect Basic account for AU$49.95 per year per camera.

Should you buy the Ring Video Doorbell Plus?

If you want a great video doorbell with a heap of smart features that is easy to set up, is battery powered and easy to use then the Ring Video Doorbell Plus is for you. There is no local storage though so if you want to be able to save your recordings, you’ll need an online subscription but that is well worth it in my opinion — especially if you plan on buying more Ring products it will come in handy.

The Ring Video Doorbell Plus offers easy to handle notifications and high-quality video and imaging. It is easy to install with Ring including all the screws you could need plus a bracket if you need to mount it on an angle.

Compatible with Alexa, just like all other Ring devices, the all-new Ring Battery Video Doorbell Plus is available in Australia on Ring.com and Amazon $289 AUD or in a package with Ring Chime for $309 AUD and with Ring Chime Pro for $339 AUD.