In 2021, WhatsApp announced that they were testing out a new functionality — the ability to use WhatsApp across multiple devices (but not multiple smartphones). Users wanted, and still do, a true multi-device messaging experience but that has not been possible with WhatsApp until now.

WhatsApp has now revealed that they are improving their multi-device experience further with the ability to use a single WhatsApp account across multiple phones. At this stage the functionality will be possible across four different phones with each phone connected to WhatsApp independently. This ensures continued end-to-end encryption for all messages, media and calls.

Further security is provided with WhatsApp logging you out of all companion devices if your primary device is inactive for more than 14 days. At this stage it is unclear just how you will be able to determine which phone is the primary device and as someone who often has multiple phones on the go at once this could become complicated.


Once you have access to this new feature, you’ll see a new “link to existing account” option when logging onto the app on the new phone. You will then need to scan a QR code on the primary phone with the new phone to link the devices. The entire process sounds overly complicated, and it seems that WhatsApp are making it more complicated than it needs to be, all in the name of security. I’m no expert but Telegram don’t require this for their secure messaging multi-device service. Expect WhatsApp to make it simpler over time.

The main use case for this will be for businesses where the business account can be installed across multiple smartphones so that any employee can answer questions directed at the business at any time, all from the same account.

This update has started rolling out to users globally and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks. I have not received it yet having logged onto a new phone just one day ago but hopefully it arrives for everyone soon.