Most of us have portable chargers for our phones but what about if you need something more powerful to charge something bigger than a phone or laptop.  Anker has you covered with their high capacity power stations and now they have released the world’s first ultra high capacity power station in Australia.

Anker has today announced the release of the Anker Powerhouse 767, equipped with a 2048Wh battery to provide power for almost all appliances.  Perfect for camping, remote working, in the event of a blackout or even living off the grid, the Powerhouse 767 is easily portable thanks to a retractable handle.

The Powerhouse 767 has the capacity to provide power for up to 10 devices simultaneously and thanks to the integrated GaN (GaN Prime) technology it is able to deliver a “more efficient and long-lasting power solution.  It is actually the industry’s first portable power station to incorporate GaN technology.

GaN Prime results in less energy loss during charging cycles which is not only more efficient but allows the power station to work at a cooler temperature than non-GaN chargers thereby giving it a longer lifespan. 

For Australians that spend a great deal of time outside camping or off the grid, or for those who don’t have back-up generators to power their properties during a blackout, we understand every watt counts,” said Gaspar Xie, General Manager, Anker Innovations ANZ. “With GaNPrime, you get more energy per charge out of the 767 power station, and with 2300W AC power, the 767 can power nearly all essential electronic equipment for days, making the battery the most reliable on the market.”

The Anker PowerHouse 767 includes Anker’s proprietary technology, InifiPower, to provide a lifespan of over 10 years for the power station.  The EV-class LiFePO4 batteries are built to maintain 100% capacity for up to 3,000 charging cycles, last up to 50,000 hours, are drop- and shock-proof to withstand years of heavy use.  The technology also monitors the temperature of the power station 100 times per second to help prolong the life of the power station while also protecting the connected devices.

The suitcase design of the PowerHouse 767 combined with the large, durable wheels allows for easy transportation across even rocky surfaces, even with its 30kg weight.

The battery capacity of 2048Wh can be doubled with the Anker 760 expansion battery allowing the PowerHouse 767 to power all your essential electronic equipment for days.

For those using the PowerHouse 767 in remote locations, the battery can be charged using up to five 531 Solar Panels (200W) for 1000 max solar output, capable of recharging the 767 to 100% capacity in as little as 2.5 hours. 

Connectivity to the power station is provide through an app and a Bluetooth connection and allows for monitoring of real-time input and output (and adjusting it with remote turn on and turn off capability), battery health and recharge reminders.

Anker 767 Product Specifications: 

  • 3x AC outlets (Total 2300W Max output power/2048Wh capacity)
  • 3x USB C 100W PD 
  • 2x USB A ports (12W each) 
  • 2x carport (120W each) 
  • AC input 1440W 
  • Max solar power 1000W 
  • Dimensions/Weight: 52.5 x 25 x 39.5 cm — 30.5 kg 

Anker 531 Solar Panel Specifications: 

  • XT-60 output: 200W 
  • Dimensions: 57 x 60.2 x 6cm (folded); 60.2 x 213 x 20cm (unfolded) 
  • Weight: 9.2 kg

Anker 760 Expansion Battery Specifications: 

  • Dimensions: 44.3 x 23.8 x 26.8 cm
  • Weight: 20.7kg 
  • 2048Wh capacity 

Pricing & Availability

The Anker Powerhouse 767 will be available to purchase for $3,699 this Winter. Register your interest here to receive the latest updates.