ECOVACS has today unveiled its new DEEBOT N10 PLUS robot vacuum and mop.  The new robotic vacuum brings together a set of features in a sub-$1000 price for the first time.

The DEEBOT N10 PLUS packs a lot of features including a strong 4300Pa of suction power, ECOVACS’ advanced TrueMapping navigation technology, a long battery life and an auto-empty station.

With more and more Australians looking to add a robot vacuum to their home cleaning kit this new sub-$1,000 robot vacuum and mop offers true value for money, delivering all the features, options and connectivity a house could need.

With Australians eager to embrace home robotics that deliver both convenience and time-saving, it was important that ECOVACS continued to step up and deliver a new, compelling option for them to consider, and we are delighted to be adding the DEEBOT N10 PLUS into our range,” said Karen Powell, Regional Director of Australia and New Zealand for ECOVACS ROBOTICS.

We are constantly challenging ourselves, be it through innovation or value, and the DEEBOT N10 PLUS combines both by delivering an uncompromising clean with these carefully curated features never seen before for this price.”  

EFTM was lucky enough to be able to test out a DEEBOT N10 PLUS for the past couple of weeks and are keen to share our thoughts on the new ECOVACS robot below.

Strong suction power

The DEEBOT N10 PLUS offers suction power of 4300Pa and promises to be able to pick up even the most stubborn “dirt, dust and debris.” Luckily I have some very messy dogs who love to play outside and then come inside and roll around on the carpet, so I was able to test this out.  

With a standard vacuum power (second lowest suction power) the robot vacuum struggled to pick up the smaller, more ingrained mess in the carpet fibres – this is with Auto-Boost suction on which is meant to turn up the vacuum power when carpet is detected.

Turning up the suction to tornado power (Max+) and setting the robot vacuum to cover the dirty area twice it was able to remove all the mess from the carpet.  This is something to be aware of – do not expect miracles but set your vacuum to clean based on what you are cleaning and how dirty it is.  

Hardwood floors were easily cleaned even with the standard suction power.  Adding the mopping pad to the vacuum enables the OZMO Mopping System and the robot can vacuum and mop in a single pass thanks to its impressive suction power.

Long lasting battery delivers stress-free cleaning experience for up to five hours

ECOVACS state the 5,200mAh battery will last for five hours on a single charge with the robot able to return to the auto-empty station to recharge in the middle of the clean and then resume cleaning when it is charged.

I am not sure who has a house big enough to require more than five hours of cleaning, but my house certainly didn’t.  The vacuum, on the standard vacuum cleaning setting was able to clean my ground floor extremely fast and well.  It never had to return to the base to charge in the middle of a clean.

Cutting-Edge Technology ensures accurate mapping, navigation and path planning

I’ve used quite a few robot vacuums in the past and the ECOVACS DEEBOT TrueMapping navigation technology is second to none.  It maps the floor as it cleans for the first time and calculates the “most optimal cleaning path.”  It certainly seems to be doing that with the floor being cleaned quickly.

You can change the cleaning path yourself, along with the cleaning mode and schedule from within the ECOVACS app.  One thing I don’t like about the app is that it doesn’t remember the maps from other vacuums.  Obviously most people will only have this one vacuum when they buy it so it isn’t something you have to worry about but as someone who already has an ECOVACS DEEBOT vacuum it would be a lot easier if the app allowed you to apply the map that has already been created previously.

Once the map has been created the app splits it up into zones or rooms.  If you want to clean a specific room you just change the cleaning sequence to the rooms only that you want cleaned.  If you want a section of one or two rooms you can use the square option in the custom cleaning area and place it over the area required, resizing it as required.

If there is an area you don’t want the vacuum to go over – such as a couch it gets stuck under, like it does in one of my rooms, once the vacuum starts a clean you can set a virtual boundary across that area so the vacuum won’t enter or cross that boundary.

Auto-Empty Station 

The DEEBOT N10 PLUS arrives with an auto-empty station that contains a 2.5L disposable dustbag which apparently “allows for up to 60 days of hands-free dustbin cleaning.”   Unfortunately it is a disposable dustbag and thus is a consumable that will eventually have to be replaced and thus cost you more money. ECOVACS do of course offer the option to purchase these from them (~$29 for a pack of 3). Aftermarket bags for these vacuums are normally available but I doubt the aftermarket versions of these will be an equivalent material.

New Antibacterial Filters

According to ECOVACS the DEEBOT N10 PLUS is the first ECOVACS model that includes their new antibacterial filters and dustbags.  These trap 95% of allergens and particles while also absorbing unpleasant odours. 

Pricing, Availability and Final Thoughts

The ECOVACS DEEBOT N10 PLUS offers every feature you would ever need and at under a thousand dollars is a very attractive option. It doesn’t have the fancy options such as a voice assistant (it does have a voice that tells you what it is doing though), 3D mapping or a sentry video camera but I’d argue that they are gimmicks that offer very little extra value when it comes to cleaning your house.

If you are looking for a robot vacuum and mop you will be hard pressed to find one with all the features the DEEBOT N10 PLUS offers along with an auto-emptying dustbin. For that reason, I can highly recommend the DEEBOT N10 PLUS for everyone bar nothing.

The DEEBOT N10 PLUS is available now at Bing Lee, Godfreys, Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys for RRP $999.