On of the newest car brands in Australia is set to reveal Australia’s cheapest electric car in just days with the local edition of the BYD Dolphin to be revealed on June 22.

Luke Todd, boss of EV Direct, the company behind BYD in Australia announced this morning that :

A big splash drops June 22nd.

Australia’s most affordable, high quality electric vehicle of all time will be on sale.

Luke Todd, LinkedIn

The teaser video and hashtags confirm the worst kept secret that the smaller BYD, the Dolphin, will be launched on that date.

BYD has had a Chinese version of the Dolphin in it’s Surry Hills Showroom since launching the Atto 3 last year, but EFTM understands the Australian version has been modified to meet strict standards here, thus the delays to bringing the car to market.

But the real question is, just how cheap can Australia’s cheapest electric car be?

Luke Todd spoke to EFTM over the course of the last year several times aiming at a car in the $30,000 mark, but New Zealand pricing gives us pause to wonder if that’s even possible now.

In reality, this should be a $33-36,000 vehicle in Australia, but the demand, paired with BYD’s move to a more traditional “dealer” model has likely pushed prices out of that range.

We wait and see.

Likewise, we wait and see if the car will carry the Dolphin name, or be known here as the Atto 1 or Atto 2.

June 22 folks.