You live on a remote rural property, the front gate is probably hundreds of meters from the house if not more. How do you see what’s happening there? Get alerts when people enter your property? The new Uniden App Cam Solo 4G PT will do just that.

Using a 4G Nano SIM with a Data plan, you can access live vision from the Uniden App Cam Solo 4G PT from your smartphone.

Motion can be sensed, and you can be alerted via the app, and a recording made to a local SD card in the camera or in the cloud.

Pair the 4G PT with a Uniden Solar Panel and this thing never needs to be touched.

It’s the perfect solution for holiday homes, farms and rural properties to name just a few.

Now think worksites, building sites, boats or caravans, this is a big market.

Available now for $749.95, the Uniden App Cam Solo 4G PT comes with a Solar Panel as a bundle.