Toyota has announced it’s electrifying it’s HiLux range in 2024 with the addition of a Battery to Australia’s best-selling Ute.

Good try Trev, but they aren’t falling for it. That’s just Clickbait:)

Ok Ok, Toyota is NOT going Electric, instead they are adding “48 Volt Technology” to the Toyota HiLux, and it’s expected in Australia in the first half of next year.

It will be standard on the 4×4 SR5 and Rogue Dual Cabs, and the whole point is to offer a reduction in fuel usage, otherwise stated as a “10 percent fuel economy improvement”.

For those who don’t know, 48 Volt Technology is often referred to as a Mild Hybrid. It’s a new battery, that is there to spin up a turbo or essentially get the engine power curve going a bit quicker without drawing on the petrol reserves.

It’s not at all a Hybrid in the traditional Prius/Camry way – but it is a step forward in terms of green credentials and fuel efficiency.

Toyota Australia Vice President Sales, Marketing and Franchise Operations Sean Hanley spoke of the need to balance that fuel consumption with the performance demanded by customers “We are continually striving to reduce the fuel consumption of our vehicles to help reduce on-going costs for customers, as well as helping reduce our environmental impact, and the addition of 48-Volt Technology to our biggest-selling vehicle line will contribute to this,

“This new technology will not only improve fuel consumption, but customers will also benefit from enhanced on and off-road performance, making the HiLux even more appealing for a weekend away or longer term excursion into the outback,” he said.