Foxtel and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has announced a new multi-year partnership that will make all Pay-Per-View UFC events exclusive to Main Event from January 1 2024.

Starting next year, viewers who wish to purchase a Pay-Per-View through UFC Fight Pass will be directed to the Main Event platform on Foxtel and Kayo for access. Older fights, news and highlights will still be able to be accessed by users through UFC Fight Pass.

According to Foxtel Group CEO Patrick Delaney there are 700 million UFC fans worldwide (what exactly constitutes a fan I have no idea) with apparently four million of those in Australia. Although we are obviously just a drop in the ocean for the UFC, our fanbase was obviously enough for Foxtel to ink the new deal.

Via video link, UFC President Dana White said of the new partnership:  “I am excited that we are extending our broadcast partnership with Foxtel Group…. Together, we will continue to grow UFC in Australia, and they will be the destination for the biggest and baddest fights we put on year-round.”

Aussies will be able to get their own taste of live UFC action when UFC 293 arrives here in Sydney in September. Unfortunately, if you are looking to go and watch it in person it is already sold out but, yes you guessed it, you can purchase the Pay-Per-View of the event via Main Event on Foxtel and Kayo Sports and watch it from the comfort of your own home.