Some manufacturers wait years to update products and although when they do update them, they bring some substantial changes and improvements, by the time they update, their older devices are long dead in the water.

Logitech are using the opposite tack instead, opting to keep their lineup fresh with an incremental update.  These updates are not designed for people to upgrade from their previous device (unless that person really wants that new functional improvement) but instead to keep their devices competitive in the market against competitors who have updated their devices more recently.  

The Logitech MX Keys S brings the superior typing experience from the MX Keys and adds in auto-backlighting capabilities, new keys for added productivity shortcuts and new Smart Actions for even more improvements in your productivity.

We put the new premium Logitech MX Keys S through its paces over the last couple of weeks to see if it is worth your hard-earned money, after all, buying one is not a small outlay.

Inside the box

The premium products from Logitech offer an unboxing experience that are usual only for niche products.  The keyboard arrives in a standard box but inside it is wrapped in tissue paper – and it is wrapped so well it looks like it has been individually wrapped by a professional wrapper.

Along with the keyboard, in the box you will receive a USB-C charging cable and a Bolt USB dongle.  Some Logitech products may support a Bolt wireless receiver but do not include them in the box, but, as you would hope for a premium price attached to this keyboard, the Bolt receiver is present in the box for the MX Keys S.


The design looks exactly the same as the MX Keys at first glance but there are added function keys along the top row including an emoji button.  I didn’t use these extra function keys myself but if you need a lot of macros and emojis then this is great for you.  

The keyboard is built on an aluminium frame once again giving it a decent 810 gram weight but the keyboard is super solid.  There is absolutely no flex nor any feeling that it isn’t super stable no matter how hard you are mashing those keys.

The keyboard does sit very flat to the desk with no adjustable feet to raise it which an OT once told me is the most ergonomically sound way to use a keyboard – after I’d been using it the opposite way with a huge tilt.  If you prefer a large angle, you are out of luck with this keyboard.  

The low angle also means you will most likely not need a palm rest which is good because there isn’t one included in the box.

The MX Keys S now includes proximity sensors within it that detect when your hands are approaching the keyboard.  These sensors, combined with the ambient light sensors are used to adjust the timing and brightness of the backlight of the keyboard.  This smart lighting can be adjusted using the Logitech Options+ app.  More on the app below.


The wireless Logitech MX Keys S include a 1,500 mAh battery which Logitech say should last up to 10 days on a single charge, with backlighting on.  I have been using this keyboard for over two weeks now, and although my sessions are only a few hours at a time, I have been using it most days and the battery is still at 55 percent.  This is with auto-backlight on the entire time.

I am unsure whether my bright study during the day and the backlight automatically being off is much better than just adjusting it yourself and turning it off when not required but I’m happy with the battery life I’ve gotten from it.  

Apparently the battery will last up to five months with the backlight off – it’s got the backlight functionality though, I’d rather have it used when required so I leave it on auto.  It’s not that difficult to plug it in to charge overnight once every few weeks.  Battery percentage left can be seen within the Options+ app but your PC will give you a warning well before it runs out.

Software + connectivity

The Logitech MX Keys S can be connected to your device – PC, Mac, Android smartphone or tablet – using Bluetooth but if your device has a USB port it can also be connected using the Bolt wireless dongle which adds 2.4GHz connectivity.

This dongle also offers multidevice connectivity using Logitech Flow for compatible Logitech mice. 

I used the keyboard in both Bluetooth and Bolt connected modes and to be honest noticed no difference in everyday use between the two.  This is a productivity keyboard so the slight increase in response time and latency using the 2.4GHz connectivity option is not going to be noticed at all.  I have the Bolt connected in my PC though for my mouse and the use of Logitech Flow so I just used that.

The Logitech Options+ app is where all the Logitech devices you have connected are displayed and their settings adjusted.  The Options+ app allows you to set many things for the new MX Key S keyboard.

You can customise all of the function keys at the top of your keyboard to perform whatever function you wish.  The keyboard has certain default actions for each key but you can change it to whatever you want, including a Smart Action – see below.

I changed a couple to things such as close a tab with a single keystroke and to show desktops.

The backlight is also adjusted within the Options+ app.  Tap on the backlight section on the left and you can change it from auto to manual backlight and to set the backlight duration (before it turns off after not being used).

The major new functionality that Logitech has added is Smart Actions.  Smart Actions is basically the ability to create (or use pre-installed Smart Actions from Logitech) macros allowing you to automate multiple actions with a single keystroke.

If you have a task that you perform a lot you can save time by having a single keystroke perform that task – for example, you can have it open several different apps as required.

As mentioned above, the Options+ app is also where you can see how your keyboard is connected and what battery percentage is left on it.  


Connect to three different devices at once – kept in memory.  You can use Bluetooth or the wireless Bolt receiver included in the box.  I tested both out and came away satisfied with the connectivity on all 3.  It also worked on anything you can connect your Bluetooth to, including android tablets and phones.

I preferred the bolt receiver as I already had that installed on my PC for the MX Master 3S I use.  Keep in mind though that within the Options+ app you will see a version of the keyboard for each connectivity type you use so if you customise one connectivity option you will not have the same custom options in the other connectivity options.

The KB does not have much of an angle to it as mentioned above so you do not need a palm rest for long sessions typing extensively.  The keys have minimal travel and are relatively silent – although, just like that on the MX Keys Mini, the space bar has a “springier” sound.

Final thoughts

If you already have a Logitech MX Keys I’m not sure the upgrade to the new MX Keys S is worth the outlay required.  You do get the new auto-backlight capabilities but if you are happy doing it yourself using the manual adjustment keys then you are good with the older MX Keys.  The S version does add an emoji key but I can count on the one hand the number of times I’ve used the emoji key on keyboards that have it.

If you do not have an MX Keys keyboard at all then you need to get this MX Keys S.  Whether it’s the full sized one such as this or a mini, you just need one.  The keys are easy to type on for long periods with minimal fatigue.  The keys do have a minimal travel, more than a laptop but less than a more traditional keyboard (Logitech do offer an MX Mechanical keyboard for those who prefer that longer travel) but the experience is second to none in my opinion.

The Logitech MX Keys S, with its auto-backlighting, its support for customisation of all function keys and multiple connectivity to three saved devices at a time it’s a must have for the professional who does a lot of typing.

There is a reason the Logitech MX Keys was considered the best, most premium keyboard available.  The MX Keys S builds upon that with even more features while including all the things everyone loved about the first version MX Keys.

The new Logitech MX Keys S is not cheap, but you get what you pay for.  I really cannot recommend this highly enough.  The suggested retail price for the Logitech MX Keys S is $229.95 in either Pale Gray or Graphite colours.