I’m not sure if its the bigger screen, or the culmination of all of Apple’s latest technologies but the MacBook Air is an outstanding laptop that could well appeal to the widest market of potential users for any Apple laptop.

For the fullness of context, lets look at the entry level prices for all of Apple’s key laptops

  • MacBook Air 13 Inch with M1 Chip – $1,499
  • MacBook Air 13 Inch with M2 Chip – $1,799
  • MacBook Pro 13 Inch with M2 Chip – $1,999
  • MacBook Air 15 Inch with M2 Chip – $2,199
  • MacBook Pro 14 Inch with M2 Pro Chip – $3,199
  • MacBook Pro 16 Inch with M2 Pro Chip – $3,999

Let me say this first and foremost, the 13 Inch with M1 is outstanding value and is the laptop to suit most people I really do feel. But for some, a larger screen was what they longed for so pushing to the 16 inch MacBook Pro was a huge leap.

The 15.3inch screen looks immaculate and really pops no matter what you’re doing, but I think the real selling point for the MacBook Air 15 inch is the weight. At 1.51kg it’s light. 600+ grams lighter than the 16 inch MacBook Pro.

You’ve got the solid 1080p FaceTime camera for high quality video calls, and a solid six-speaker sound system too.

But the remarkable thing across the MacBook range which make them a strong consideration for all uses, not just work but also school is the battery life.

I’ve really sat wondering how I’d get through some times when I sit down and remember I forgot to charge it, yet it just keeps going. Apple claims 15 hours of “web” but the fact is it’s going to last you all day.

The dual-port charger is also very handy, particularly when you travel – throw your phone charging cable in there as well so you’re covered on the go.

My only real gripe here relates to finger prints. Not the awesome TouchID sensor on the device, but all the fingerprints you leave by carrying and using the device. This is most notable on the Midnight and Space Grey versions, so keep that in mind when choosing your colour.

Performance wise, I struggle to see how Apple keeps pushing these M class Apple Silicon chips – the M2 in this is far more than I need, thus my suggestion that the 13 inch with M1 is perfect for almost all people.

Video editing, Audio editing, Photo editing and everyday work, a breeze for the MacBook Air 15 inch.

Of course, I missed a little bit my MacBook Pro’s SD card reader, but honestly, if you’re in that game, you’ve got a reader handy almost always. But, thats a differentiator that Apple deems Pro.

I’ve used this for over a month now, and simply cannot speak highly enough of it.

Pick a colour, and buy one.