There’s a strange new concept about to hit our shores, competition in Digital Game sales. Now, personally, If I wanted to buy a game for my Xbox, I’d just open the Xbox Store on the Xbox and search, buy, download. Time to re-think and to shop around with Amazon launching Digital Video Game purchasing at from today.

Basically, your next game might be digital because you don’t want to wait for the disc, or you don’t have room to keep all your game discs. But rather than just the option to buy on-console, you can now shop at Amazon, and at checkout you’ll get a Redemption Code.

So you buy the game at Amazon, then go to the Xbox, Nintendo Switch or other “store” to redeem and download your new game.

At launch, it does seem a touch limited, with Amazon mentioning the ability to purchase PlayStation and Roblox currencies, Xbox Game Pass and a bunch of Switch games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

There are also loads of vouchers, and quick search shows just three games for Xbox for Digital Code purchase.

Matthew Benham, Head of Consumer Electronics and Media at Amazon said “Our new Digital Video Games offering represents an exciting addition to the gaming range available on Amazon Australia. We know that our customers come to looking for great prices, a large selection and convenience. We can now provide Australian gamers with the opportunity to purchase an extensive range of digital PC and console games, free-to-play games, digital game currencies and other digital gaming content, with the added convenience of finding this and everything else they might need on, from gaming accessories through to the ultimate home entertainment set up.”

Why does this matter? Sales of course. There will be times when Amazon drops it’s prices (Prime day anyone?) or is just out to compete – so keep an eye on all options for purchase next time you want that new game.

Amazon themselves say there is “potential for enticing bundles and promotions including Amazon’s commitment to release-day delivery and lowest pre-order price guarantee for eligible pre-orders of select gaming titles.”