After launching their AI chatbot Bard, Google has been adding more abilities. Today Google is launching Bard Extensions, offering the ability to integrate with your Google Apps and services to provide more helpful answers. They’re also offering a new Double Check feature to show you which parts of the responses can be supported and which aren’t. 

Using Bard Extensions you’ll be able to allow Bardd to access your personal data to build more helpful responses. Bard will be able to find information stored across apps and services including Gmail, Docs, Drive, Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Flights and hotels.

Bard won’t automatically gain access to your data, nor will it be stored by Bard or seen by human reviewers, says Google. You will also need to allow Bard access to your Google Workspace before it can provide any answers based on your data, but you can also turn off this access in the Extensions window. 

The update to Bard also includes more ways to check on its responses. When you give Bard a query you can then hit the “G” icon and Bard will highlight the response in Green or Orange, showing parts which can be supported by corroborating sources, and which info needs more checking. 

There are more smaller updates for Bard, including the ability to collaborate, using the ability to share public link to conversations, with anyone able to pick up that prompt and continue it. Google is also expanding the Google Lens, Image Search and the option to modify Bard responses to over 40 new languages. 

You can try all these new features out