The IFA show in Berlin isn’t normally one where we can celebrate too much of the true consumer gear like TVs that we see each year at CES. However I took some time to visit the Hisense booth at the Messe Berlin and it’s surprising just how much they have to offer.

Chris Mayer from Hisense took some time out of his day to show me around what is an enormous presence at IFA in Berlin. I didn’t take out a tape measure, but I can tell you this is a bigger physical presence for Hisense than at CES in Las Vegas.

Most likely that’s due to the huge emphasis here on Appliances, something Hisense does have through their own and other brands they own, but unquestionably this was an impressive display of TV’s let alone all the other stuff.

100 Inch U7

Coming to Australia as the U7KAU model, and likely to be available within the month this was the first time I’d seen the TV in the flesh at this size.

With a price tag of $6,999 it’s a stunning bit of value per inch. If you look at Samsung’s QN90A Neo QLED that’s down to $11,999 – $5,000 off the original list price.

TCL are coming to market with the C745 at 98 inches with a price tag of $8,999. What’s fascinating about the Hisense U7KAU is not just the price, but the fact it’s Mini LED backlighting.

Only that top dollar Samsung Neo QLED has Mini LED at this size, so it’s amazing value.

While you can’t just walk-in and walk-out of a store with a 100 inch TV, I think there will be a lot of interest in this one.

Ultra-Thin Wall Art TV

Now let’s not beat around the bush here, everyone knows about Samsung’s The Frame TV series. Beautiful TVs that are made not just to watch TV on, but when you’re not watching the screen displays art. Now Hisense like many other brands have adapted to this with every Hisense TV offering Vidaa Art mode – a way to display non-TV content on your screen.

But, here at IFA they’ve had a little dabble into the “Frame” style world with what was labelled as “Ultra-Thin Wall Art TV”

Mounted on a wall containing mainly Art, this TV looked great, though in my eyes rather bright compared to the art, but then looking at a couple of other TVs in the same area of what could only be described as “Lifestyle TVs” they were clearly capable of a more low-brightness flat style display.

No word on if these will come to Australia, in reality that’s all about how much Retaillers from Australia had their eyes lit up by them. Given how well Hisense competes generally on overall TV sales, you’d have to think they could give the Art market a fair old crack.

Freestanding Retro TV

Sitting in the same area as that Ultra-Thin Wall Art TV was something also rather familiar, but with a different twist.

Look familiar? Let’s just say it’s clear they took some “inspiration” from the Serif that Samsung offers – a freestanding TV with four legs and a larger bulky outer frame.

That said, I have to say, LOVE this concept from Hisense. And that’s all it is – a concept.

Textures include leather and a mesh like old-school speakers, a metallic edging with some subtle angles all around. Really impressive stuff.

Again, a concept, no idea if any market will get it, let alone Australia.

World’s First 8K Laser TV

Hisense love what they’re doing with their short-throw projectors. Called Laser TVs these are the ones that sit close to your wall, contain all the smarts and power of a normal TV but project up onto a supplied screen for a fantastic picture.

In one perfectly designed room, Hisense were showing off a stunning world first, their 8K Laser TV and let me tell you – stunning.

Huge brightness levels really make this thing pop and the quality of the picture, either from several meters back or right up close trying to fault it – amazing.

A tough one to know if it will make it to Australia because I suspect Laser TV is a successful but not high volume game for Hisense, I’m not sure 8K is going to entice a higher level of sales right now.

300 Inch Compact C1 Projector

Speaking of projectors, there was this screen being projected that was floor to ceiling, it was enormous.

Turns out, it was 300 inches. But, then I looked at the ceiling to see just what beast was pumping that out.

Not a beast at all. Tiny really for what it was doing.

A really compact design, something that might appeal to those going for a ceiling mounted option, but nonetheless, impressive size, brightness and clarity from something so small.

The best part, smarts. Not only will it do auto keystone and all those fancy things a projector “should” do, this one will recognise things on a wall, like a light switch, and resize the picture to suit. Very cool

Not sure that one will make it to Australia sadly.

Series 9 Washing Machine

I’ve saved the best till last here, and this, like the first one – that 100inch TV, is coming to Australia.

Hisense’s Series 9 Washing Machine is so smart, it will blow you away.

Firstly fill it with washing Detergent and Softener, and you won’t have to add more for a month.

The machine will automatically detect how much of a load you put in, and adjust the dispensing of those things for you. And it works with concentrate too, which you can adjust in the settings.

Someone call Tim Shaw – But wait, there’s more.

This machine will check how clean your water is, do an initial run through the clothes, and determine how dirty the clothes are to help again work out how much detergent, and how much time the load will need.

It’s using built-in smarts to work out how to get the best wash, but also the most efficient wash. Boom.

Oh, and “one more thing” – if you have the sibling Dryer, when your washing is done, and you open the dryer, the details of your washing is sent to the dryer so you don’t need to choose any settings, it’s all done for you.

Very cool.

Series 9 From Hisense will be in Australia soon.

So there you go, you thought they were just good value TVs – nope, they are way, way more.

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