The gaming arm of Logitech, Logitech G, has today announced three new products to help improve your game streaming with two new Yeti microphones and a gaming and streaming light bar.

New Logitech G Yeti GX and Yeti Orb

A couple of years ago Logitech bought out Yeti and todays announcement signals the first products released from that new Yeti and Logitech teams. With more and more gamers looking to stream and monetise their gaming it is imperative that they produce a high quality audio feed to accompany their gaming. Logitech are looking to serve these streamers with the two new Yeti microphones, the Logitech G Yeti GX and the Logitech G Yeti Orb.

“Together design and engineering experts at Blue Microphone and Logitech G partnered to create a unique gaming microphone with professional-grade audio and a host of features tailor-made for gamers,” said Vincent Borel, vice president at Logitech G. “We understand that gamers want to engage and share their experience with their audience. For those that play to be seen, this is the gear that enables them to play together and express themselves to your community.”

The Yeti GX is the premium big brother of the two with fully customisable RGB lighting, included Blue voice filters and effects and a smart audio lock that is located on the mic itself. A broadcast-style gaming microphone, the Yeti GX has laser beam directionality and a dynamic microphone for excellent reproduction of the streamer’s voice.

The Yeti GX ships with a desktop stand but can easily be mounted to a boom arm too. It is a USB plug and play mic for effortless setup and streaming.

The Yeti Orb is the little brother of the GX and is a small ball-shaped mic with a basic RGB light, and is designed to deliver best-in-class audio while being easy to use. It is built with a custom condenser capsule and once again the audio can be enhanced and customised with the use of Blue VO!CE technology filters through the G HUB app. The Orb can also be mounted onto a boom arm if required.

Litra Beam LX

The Litra Beam LX is a high quality, dual-sided RGB streaming key light with Logitech’s TrueSoft technology for shaping and directing the light. With 16 million colour combinations possible the Litra Beam LX allows streamers to deliver smooth, even light with no shadows and no hotspots.

The light can be fine tuned with adjustable brightness (up to 400 lumens), colour temperature and RGB — it can be controlled using G Hub and a Bluetooth connection. Designed to be the ultimate desktop fit the stand for the Litra Beam LX telescopes up and down 15 inches and is certified safe for all-day streaming.

Alongside these announcements, Logitech G has also announced full support for all LIGHTSYNC-enabled devices with Windows Dynamic Lighting once it becomes available. For those wondering, Windows Dynamic Lighting is a new RGB lighting tool on Windows 11 that allows users to coordinate their lighting effects across multiple brands of RGB lighting.

Pricing and Availability

The Logitech G Yeti GX (RRP $249.95), Yeti Orb (RRP $99.95) and Litra Beam LX (RRP $269.95) are available now on and coming soon to a gaming store near you. For more information, please visit