After being on the market for three years, Sony has unveiled the first big hardware refresh for the Playstation 5, with new slimmer models arriving in time for Christmas.

There’s still two models available – a disc-edition and digital edition – though both have been reduced in volume by more than 30%, with their weight also reduced by 18% and 24% respectively. 

The new Playstation 5 slim models will have re-designed face-plates, split into four with glossy plates at the top and matte plates below. Sony will be releasing new coloured plates for the new PS5 early next year with an all-matte black option, as well as their ‘Deep Earth’ collection colours in Volcanic Red, Cobalt Blue, and Sterling Silver for $54.99 USD (around $87 AUD)

The new slimmer digital edition Playstation 5 will also allow you to add an UltraHD Blu-Ray Disc Drive for $79.99 USD (About $125 AUD) at a later stage if you decide you want to be able to use discs.

Sony has announced a redesigned base for the PS5, which will fit both the legacy PS5 models and the newly announced models. You’ll be able to purchase the new stand for $29.99 USD (around $47 AUD). 

The launch of the re-designed Playstation 5 slim has so far been announced as coming to the US, Europe, UK and Japan, however Sony has advised the new Playstation design will replace existing stock as it sells out, so we expect to see it here in Australia.

Pricing hasn’t been announced locally as yet, but you’ll be expecting to pay $499.99 USD (around $778 AUD) for the PS5 with UltraHD BluRay disc drive, and $449.99 USD (around $700 AUD) for the PS5 Digital Edition.