Yet another Cyber Attack is being reported, this time Medibank who reported yesterday they had noticed unusual activity on their network a day earlier.

As if to learn from the mistakes of others, Medibank and their subsidiary companies has already sent a communication to customers via email about the breach.

Notably, the company says “there is no evidence that any customer data has been accessed.”

Of course, in any unusual network event, a lot of work needs to go into investigating it, and that will take some time, however Medibank says “We don’t have all the answers yet, but our highest priority is protecting Medibank Group customers and our people.”

To ensure the network and customer data is safe, the company has “temporarily taken some of our customer-facing systems offline. At this stage, these changes to our systems are not impacting Medibank customers. ”

Importantly, the company has communication planned while they investigate, saying “We will keep you up to date as the situation evolves.”

It’s a breach no doubt, but no data was obtained and no clear impact on the business, yet the company is being open and transparent every step of the way.

Emails are going out to Medibank, and their subsidiary companies such as AHM, examples of those emails sent to EFTM are below:

The same message, but with ahm branding sent to AHM customers.

Again, a learning for Optus who have still not communicated with all their own customers, and customers of Amaysim, Vaya or other brands in their stable where customers are left wondering – am I affected?

We acknowledge that Optus has said in Media releases and interviews that those sub-brand customers are not affected by the breach, but that’s just not good enough in the eyes of their customers who continue to contact EFTM asking that simple question – is my Data Safe?.

A simple communication to ALL Optus customers, including Amaysim given those customers are owned by Optus, would go a long, long way – but that horse has bolted.