It’s been over two years since Samsung announced their SmartTag item trackers and they never made them available in Australia, but today, the second generation have been announced and they’re coming to Australia.

Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag2 will be available in two colours, Black and White, for $55 each or you can get a four pack for $169 – launching on October 12.

This is all about finding your stuff, your backpack, your luggage, your keys – attach a Galaxy SmartTag2 and your Samsung phone will locate them when you’ve lost them.

“We are constantly looking at ways to make people’s lives more convenient through Samsung Galaxy’s innovations,” said Jaeyeon Jung, Executive Vice President and Head of SmartThings, Device Platform Center at Samsung Electronics. “With the Galaxy SmartTag2, we set out to make sure Samsung Galaxy users receive assistance in finding their belongings in an easy and intuitive way. With an enhanced finding experience and a longer battery life, Galaxy SmartTag2 will provide users with greater peace of mind for longer and in more situations.” 

When you’re out searching for your missing keys, any Samsung Mobile device becomes part of the search party. On modern Galaxy phones like the S23 Ultra, the ultrawideband chip allows you to get a more detailed location using arrows to guide you to your item.

Sounds a lot like Apple AirTags right?

For sure, but for Samsung owners.

EFTM asked Samsung if the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 would be shown up on Apple iPhones or other Android phones as being with an unknown device, and we’re told they only work on Samsung Devices. Despite Google’s “Unknown Tracker Alert” feature, it seems Samsung is operating in a walled garden – we’ll test this out in the weeks ahead though.