Cygnett In-Car Accessories

If you spend many an hour behind the wheel it’s handy to have an array of in-car accessories supporting the gadgets you inevitably have. Cygnett has a very comprehensive range that will no doubt satisfy your needs. From chargers, cables, screen protectors, mounts and phone holders they’ve got it all. We’ve spent a few weeks checking out the Cygnett Tablet Car Mount, Magmount 360 dash and window mount and the RealCurve iPhone 7 screen protector.

Cygnett Cargo II Tablet Car Mount

Who needs one of those high-end cars with entertainment screens embedded in the back of the rear headrests. The Cargo II is designed to securely latch onto the stems of a headrest, securely holding your tablet of choice.

This would be perfect for kids on a long trip for example. It features 360° rotation and tilt so you can angle the device vertically or horizontally, handy for avoiding sun-glare. The CarGo II simply snaps on or off the headrest’s supports. Obviously when you leave the car so does the tablet, a quick-release lever makes light work of that.

The Cargo II is simple to assemble, sturdy yet lightweight and will fit just about any tablet as the cradle adjusts from 115mm to 220m. It has a RRP of $49.95.

MagMount 360 Dash & Window Mount

This is a very small, discreet yet effective mount. Essentially a very powerful magnet holds your phone in place, even if you have a protective case. A large rectangular insert is placed between phone and case providing a means for the mount and ball to magnetically grip it. However, the case itself must be thinner than 1.8mm and have a flat back.

You can either stick the plate and ball to the windscreen or dash via provided adhesive stickers. The only real limitation is that the phone needs to be displayed horizontally in most cases. This is purely due the size of the mount and most windscreens being too steeply raked. The MagMount costs RRP $29.95

RealCurve iPhone 7 Screen Protector

This screen protector is way more than just a thin piece of plastic film. It’s constructed from 9H tempered glass with a six-layer construction. So apart from preventing fingerprints, water and oil smudges it does provide genuine protection from some serious falls and impacts.

Being a solid piece of material makes applying it just about a bubble free experience, the provided microfibre cloth and alcohol wipe make the application even easier. The RealCurve offers full screen, edge to edge peace of mind and is just about unnoticeable visually and when in use. It doesn’t impede the 3D touch features of the iPhone 7 nor does it affect the HD display. The only real drawback I see is it only comes in black and white and may only be compatible with a Cygnett phone case. It will set you back RRP $39.95

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